Important Information

The UK Flying Display Director Accreditation Course is managed and delivered by TSA Consulting Ltd on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Military Aviation Authority.

Submission of the FDD Accreditation Course application form will enable the CAA/MAA to consider the applications in date order before loading candidates onto the course planned for 2021.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Places on the courses are limited and applications will be considered on a first come first served basis.
  2. Each application will be scrutinised for Flying Display experience and candidates applying for renewal may be asked to compete the full initial course if there is limited evidence of Flying Display participation since their FDD Accreditation was awarded.
  3. The FDD Accreditation Tier awarded is based on the evidence candidates provide of their Flying Display experience and their participation and performance on during the course. As a result, candidates may not be awarded the FDD Accreditation Tier requested on their application form.
  4. All candidates are required to have a wifi capable smart device (mobile telephone, tablet or laptop computer) to access pre-course material, participate in surveys, and complete the final examinations during the course.
  5. As part of the FDD Accreditation process and course assessment, all candidates will be required to submit coursework, which will include a Flying Display application, via the smart device prior to the course.
  6. Please complete the application form with as much information as possible as it will be used to evaluate your suitability for the course and will help to inform your Tier allocation.
  7. Civilian candidates should submit an SRG 1303B form to the CAA along with their FDD Accreditation Course application.
  8. Confirmation of a place on a particular course will be notified to all candidates as soon as possible.

The following documents will form the basis of the course and it is recommended that you read and understand their contents:

  • Article 86 of the Air Navigation Order
  • CAP 403
  • CAP 1724
  • SRG 1303B
  • SRG 1303T
  • SRG 1305
  • SRG 1326
  • SRG 1327
  • SRG 1328
  • RA 2335
  • RA 1210