FDD/AFDD Accreditation

Anyone wishing to act as a Flying Display Director (FDD) in the UK must be appropriately accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and/or the Military Aviation Authority (MAA). To obtain FDD accreditation, applicants are required to demonstrate a number of competences and attend an FDD Accreditation Course. Flying Displays are categorised in accordance with the requirements contained in CAP 403/RA2335.  FDDs must be accredited to at least the same tier as that of the event. 

A Display Authorisation (DA) holder may also be accredited by the CAA to act as an Airborne Flying Display Director (AFDD).  AFDD accreditation will follow a similar process but courses will be conducted online. DA holders are advised that from the 2021 Display Season, a CAA AFDD accreditation will be required by those pilots wishing to carry out the role of AFDD.

Further details can be found in Civil Air Publication (CAP) 403 and Regulatory Article (RA) 2335


Application for all courses will be via this webpage.  Please complete the application form for the relevant category.


Course Dates and Venues

  • AFDD Course – Online – CLOSED
  • FDD Revalidation Course – Online – CLOSED
  • FDD Initial Course – 22nd-23rd June – Defence Academy Shrivenham – OPEN

Please note that places may be limited and will be allocated on a priority basis

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How to Apply

To apply for a place on the CAA/MAA Flying Display Director Accreditation Course, please click on the appropriate link below. Please note you will require a photograph in jpg, gif or png format to complete the form.

The UK Flying Display Director Accreditation Course is managed and delivered by TSA Consulting Ltd on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Military Aviation Authority